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Top 4 Ways to Nail the Beach Wedding of your Dreams

Scared to have a predictable wedding? Well, everyone is. To nail that beach wedding, you don’t have to do things perfectly all at once or hire photographers for a costly beach wedding photography. The secret sauce here is to nail each step individually from the planning to documentation.

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Your planning philosophy

A planning philosophy helps you to avoid conflicts between you and your partner, or between you and your wedding planner. Sure, a wedding planner is necessary, but you have to be a team to nail this beach wedding.

Figure out your common ground as a couple, and establish a style from that. For example, if you both like pop culture or recycling, you can build your theme on that. Knowing this prevents you from getting suffocated by wedding ideas.

With that type of philosophy in decision-making, you can also apply it when attending to other details in your wedding. You must agree if you are either hiring a team that can arrange everything or experts from specific wedding fields.

Fashion – Don’t complicate it

A style is yours to take, but an exaggerated and out-of-place wedding fashion could make you and everyone feel uncomfortable. From your engagement to your wedding, don’t complicate fashion by synchronizing every detail with the theme.

Here’s a tip on making a fashion theme: consider a beach wedding photography during your engagement, editorial style. Request for your engagement photographer to take advantage of the natural background and lighting. From that, you can build inspiration for your wedding’s fashion theme. Be inspired by the natural materials in your venue like sandstone walls or rocky shores. Aisle Society Australia has a lot of real seaside-themed wedding photo shoots you can scan for inspiration.

Also, avoid cliché. A beach wedding is often associated with offbeat white, airy, and light fabric and materials. Give it a twist by exploring other pastel colors like peach and textures like lace and glitter.

Beauty – Keep it dreamy but simple

Like fashion, beauty doesn’t have to be complicated.

It always starts with proper health care. Do your skin a favor by planning months ahead of a sleeping and skin care routine to achieve a healthy glow on your wedding day. Of course, you and your partner should do this together.

Also, don’t splurge on makeup. Prevent this from happening by consulting or hiring a wedding makeup expert months ahead. Factors like your venue’s climate and your skin type will affect your makeup’s longevity. You don’t want to look “cakey” from retouching, so discuss that with your make-up artist as well.

Photography – Capture stories, not just moments

Wedding photography is important because little moments that tell stories should be captured. You have to bank on the professional photographer’s talent to maximize the location and capture a series of exceptional photos. It can be candid, epic, or romantic—a skilled wedding photographer has a wide range of photography styles.

Your beach wedding photography doesn’t have to cost a lot to achieve that award winning wedding photography. You could hire an international wedding photographer for a low price in Australia. There are photography packages in Brisbane with prices starting from A$3,400 like the Jesse Dains photography.

Meanwhile, take inspiration during planning. No idea is original because everything has been stolen from a previous concept. It’s not wrong to take inspiration from other weddings. However, the devil is in the details. You can be inspired, but put your own little twists to it. Make it your own. See more at