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Tips for Renting a Bouncy Castle

When planning a kids’ party, you should hire a bouncy castle in Perth. This is excellent for both indoor and outdoor party venues and is a hit with kids. Knowing how difficult it is to keep kids excited, when you install an inflatable castle you can guarantee that they will have the time of their lives.

Find a Party Supplier

If you are new to renting a bouncy castle in Perth, the best way to find one is to look at party suppliers. There are several companies in the Perth area that enable you to rent party supplies and equipment for your event. You should inquire those you find in Perth if they have a bouncy castle available for hire.

Check the Items in Person

When you use the internet to find party suppliers that offer bouncy castles for hire, you should not be content with looking at photos posted online. Take time to visit the party supplier’s shop so you can examine the items by yourself. In the case of the inflatable castle, you want to make sure that it is easy to inflate on the day of the party. To ensure the best condition on the bouncy castle, it shouldn’t be older than 4 years old.

Also, check with the local manufacturing standards in Perth to check if the said bouncy castle has met the regulatory standards. You want to make sure that the material used for manufacturing the bouncy castle is safe for human contact. The last thing that you want is for kids to suffer from allergic reactions after the party due to exposure to the materials contained in the bouncy castle. This will also serve as your protection from party suppliers that import cheaply made products from overseas.

Check for Hidden Charges

You want to be upfront with the party suppliers that offer bouncy castle in Perth especially with regards the fees and charges. Before you sign the contract and make the payment, you need to ask them about any other hidden costs. Some companies do not divulge information about late payments or other fees relating to their services (such as delivery and deposits). Hence, it is important to ask them about it so you know beforehand and won’t be caught off guard once they start billing you. Moreover, you will be able to determine if you should look for other party suppliers (when the charges are too steep).

Maintenance Policies

For your own safety and security, you want to ask the party supplier about the maintenance procedures they employ for all of the supplies available for hire. For example, make sure that the inflatable castles are washed and cleaned thoroughly before they are rented to other clients. This is important because you want to keep your guests (especially the kids) safe when using the items being rented. As a client of theirs, you have the right to demand to gain access to clean and high quality party suppliers. After all, you are paying for them!

Anyone who has hosted a kid’s party before knows how difficult it is to please kids. But with a bouncy castle in tow, you can guarantee that the party will be a hit for them!

Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell is a blogger and artist.