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Parenting 101: Selecting the Best Toys and Playthings for your Infant/Toddler

Children play because it helps them to make sense of the world around them. Researchers have also found that it does not matter where in the world children are, they still play in similar ways. But play does develop differently in different cultures as children begin to understand values and the rules of particular societies. So, play will change as a baby’s society changes. For infants and toddlers, playthings like Little Tikes toys will be marketable internationally, however, they can be influenced by their playmates on how they execute their playtime.

There’s a lot to be said about getting to know your baby and understanding what makes them laugh. It’s also sometimes interesting to observe a baby boy and a baby girl playing with toys. There might be a little gender bias mixed during the selection, but the bottom line is always to have fun. Sometimes girls observe more than boys and boys rush in to investigate something new. When you buy DJI Mavic Pro Australia toy stores sell today, it might seem more appealing to boys than girls. But all are different when it comes to baby toy preferences. These early years can be daunting as you will be providing an environment that will help shape your little girl or boy in the future. Babies do not need to be lavished with so many toys that you cannot walk into your sitting room. Whether you plan to buy Little Tikes toys or to buy DJI Mavic Pro Australia toy stores sell, what matters is giving the interaction they need with you. Choosing baby toys that will provide them with challenge, fun, and interaction with you is key.

Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Baby Toy

Possibly what has advanced more is the way the knowledge of how babies learn has been shared to a greater extent between manufacturers like Little Tikes toys and parents. There are a number of toy brands available today that have turned to psychologists to help develop better toys for children. So how do you as mummy or daddy or perhaps a friend or a member of the family choose the perfect toy?

Step 1 – Do your homework first

Have you had any experience in dealing with children and babies at all? If you haven’t then seek guidance from parents you know.

Step 2 – Check the toy has passed a safety standard

It’s really important to make sure that whatever baby toy you choose, it has passed the appropriate safety standard. You don’t want to risk the safety of a baby.

Step 3 – Carry out your own stringent safety checks

Carry out, even more, checks of your own. Look out for plastic toys that might break into tiny pieces in baby’s mouth and avoid anything that has lengths of cord or string more than a couple of inches long especially if it will be within reach of baby.

Step 4 – Think about your baby’s age and stage of development

Sometimes, for reasons of cost, it’s tempting to buy your one-year-old Little Tikes toys for an 18-month-old. Generally, it’s better to match a baby’s age with the developmental age of the toy as baby will be in a position to learn more from it. Younger children will be fast developing their motor skills and children over one will be into problem-solving and more physical toys.

Step 5 – Think about the lifespan of the toy

When looking at a potential toy for your baby, think about its uses. Can the baby toy be used in different ways to keep baby interested over a longer lifespan or is it one that can be handed on to someone else within a few months of purchase? See more at

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Zane Cassell
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