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Why Do You Need Your Heating And Cooling System Serviced On A Regular Basis?

Is it necessary to service your cooling and heating system on a regular basis? The answer is yes. Just as you usually take your car to the garage for servicing, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance for it to run more efficiently and effectively. So, how often should your heating and cooling system be serviced if there are no problems? Manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning system be serviced or maintained at least once each year. In between the services you may call a cooling and heating repair expert if the system has developed a problem.

So, why do you need your air conditioning system inspected regularly?

To Reduce Energy Costs

Saving money should motivate you to maintain and service your air conditioning system. Less energy consumption is registered when the HVAC system is running efficiently. Your system can only become energy-efficient if it is serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. A properly maintained system can run up to 95% of its original efficiency. But your power bills will keep on escalating if you fail to service your A/C.

Preventing Costly Repairs

Imagine your HVAC system breaking down at the peak of the winter season! It’s simply unimaginable but it’s bound to happen if the system is not well maintained. A well-maintained system is less likely to break during the seasons of hard use – winter and summer. In other words, servicing your unit on a regular basis will take off the need for emergency repairs. And keep in mind that that it costs a lot more to repair the unit than to have it serviced. So instead of waiting to pay for a costly cooling and heating repair, call one of the reputable heating cooling system contractors and have the unit serviced.

Extending the Life of the Unit

A well-maintained cooling and heating system is bound to last longer than one that’s neglected. According to the experts in the industry, a HVAC system that is inspected and maintained regularly can last well over 10 years while still functioning well and providing the needed amount of heating and cooling in a home. Another major reason of maintaining your unit in top shape is to avoid the cost of replacement. A new HVAC installer system will cost you a considerable amount of money. Click Precision Heating & Air for more details.

Making the System Safer and the Air Healthier

The air conditioning system attracts a lot of dust and dirt, and sometimes bacteria and mold. These elements can cause serious respiratory illnesses if left to accumulate in the system. Besides that, dirt clogged in the filter may reduce the capacity of the unit to absorb heat. This reduces the efficiency of the system. During servicing the coils and filters will be cleaned and this will help improve the quality of air in the home.

Saving Your Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty will be considered invalid if the system breaks down as a result of your negligence. But if the system is well maintained, the manufacturer will have no problem fixing the problem at no cost.

For many obvious reasons, air conditioning servicing is important. If you need cooling and heating repair or want your system serviced, call the number one Nashville air conditioning repair company – Precision Air.

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Zane Cassell
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