Important Things to Know Regarding a Mitsubishi Brisbane Service

Do you own a Mitsubishi? Especially when you have just bought a new unit, you should know that giving it proper Mitsubishi Brisbane service is essential to keep it in top condition and ensure it lasts long. Here are important things that you should know about servicing your car:

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Servicing Schedules

From oil change to tyre service Brisbane has, regular maintenance is vital to your vehicle. Before you drive a new vehicle from a dealer’s lot, you will find out that the staff will advise you to return to them at a certain time to perform some servicing for your unit under warranty. Depending on the model you have bought, the schedules would differ.

For example, if you have bought a Triton, an SUV (such as the Pajero or the Pajero Sport), or an Outlander, the recommended schedules would be the 15,000-kilometre mark, 12 months, or whichever occurs first.

To know the frequency you need to take your car to an authorised Mitsubishi service centre, read its manual. You can also check the warranty booklet to know when these services are due.

Failure to Comply with a Scheduled Service

Remember that prolonging the time intervals of servicing your car, or failing to take it to the centre entirely, will lead to some unfavourable situations. Aside from it causes your car’s components (especially those that need lubrication or some type of protection) to deteriorate prematurely, you will also risk voiding its warranty.

Using Parts That Are Not Approved by the Manufacturer

Typically, the dealership would only recommend genuine parts to be used on your vehicle. In case your unit experiences problems due to using counterfeit components or lubricants and other fluids that are not approved by Mitsubishi, your warranty may get void.


Typically, you should give your Mitsubishi a Mitsubishi Brisbane service that is authorised by the deal to maintain its warranty. By the time the dealer finds out that your car has been serviced by a non-approved centre, they would no longer service your car for free. To know exactly what would void warranty, speak to your dealer as you take your unit from the lot.

Servicing the Car Yourself

Considering that you have already complied with the scheduled servicing when you first bought your vehicle and has already used its warranty, you can service the car yourself for minor maintenance tasks, like oil and filter changes, battery level tests, fuse replacements, and functionality checks for simple components. However, you should also take note that you need to some basic knowledge and skills of doing it. Also, you have to keep in mind some pros and cons.

For example, doing it on your own can potentially save money on labour. After all, you are doing it on your own. Thanks to the internet, you can do your own research on how to around some minor car maintenance jobs.

On the other side of the coin, doing the DIY route can be harmful. One disadvantage, for example, is that it can void you car insurance. While your vehicle would still be insured if you are performing maintenance by yourself, doing certain modifications, like changing the wheels or mufflers, could affect its insurance. That is why car insurers also recommend going to authorised Mitsubishi service centre locations if you want to make customisations to your vehicle. These centres would know which would affect insurance and those that will not.

Benefits of Servicing by a Genuine Centre

There are many obvious benefits that you can get from taking your car to an authorised Mitsubishi Brisbane service. For one, you can ensure long-term performance, reliability, and safety of your vehicle. Also, you can assure yourself of top quality service, as it is delivered by factory-trained technicians who have sole access to specialised tools and equipment. Now, for a service centre that you can trust, you can visit

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