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How Organizations Benefit from Project Governance Consulting

Organizations generally need management systems in place for project oversight and governance in order to ensure successful project execution. Without these, organizations or project managers will face various challenges in project execution such as slow decision-making, veering off from the project objectives, lack of focus and even organizational politics which impede execution. Lack of project assurance also means there will be little to no accountability on the part of the players. If you are stuck with existing management structures which are not delivering on your project needs, it could be time to invest in project governance consulting.

With the  lack of project governance systems in place, it easy for organizations to revert to a “business as usual” approach to doing things and this will interfere with business initiatives especially when it comes to managing disruptive change in the organization and efficient project execution. A company that fails to invest in professional project governance consulting will be undermining its own investments in better project management talent, tools, processes as well as professional development. They will be exposing more critical projects to risks and mission creep thus wasting lots of money down the drain with little to no return on their investments.

Project governance is not stakeholder management, even though some companies blur these lines and fail in developing a project governance framework that can inject some rigor into their project execution. Governance does not necessarily mean “heavy” stakeholder involvement which may end up slowing the decision-making process and delay project execution.

Project governance consulting is always about creating up frameworks or systems that will help the organization in improving its decision-making processes, improve project execution as well as accountability during the execution. An example of good governance is the setup of authority levels and steering committees that will ensure faster decision making and streamline project implementation. This is only a system when it can be done in a very repeatable and logical manner from start to finish. Good governance must also focus on accountability and clearly show who will be accountable for what.

Then there is the implementation of the management processes during the execution cycle. Generally, this is amongst the last frameworks to be implemented when it comes to project governance. There are certain project governance consulting companies that leave out this function altogether.

There are various areas in which a project governance consulting company will deliver value to your organization. These include the following:

  • P3o Assistance: The P3 management services will help assist your organization in developing the methodologies for delivering effectively on your portfolios and projects.
  • Knowledge Management: they increase the capacity of your organization to capture and develop knowledge and expertise in order to deliver on its objectives.
  • Project Lifecycle: They help in establishing the structures that will underpin project delivery and success.
  • Support: They create a support environment where the P3 managers can have a consistency in their PM practice

The right project governance consulting company will assist you in successfully setting up and improving your project governance. Their expertise will put you on the path to improved and better decision-making, better accountability as well as project success. You may visit for more details.

Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell is a blogger and artist.