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Hen Weekend Ideas Worth Exploring

Why Hen Weekends Are a Real Craze

The weekdays, more so those just preceding a wedding can be very hectic, at times obliterating the fact that technology is here to ease life even a little bit. By the end of the week, most people find themselves yearning for fun during the weekends after stressful days in the course of the week that make working hours appear longer than they actually are. Well, that explains why girls now come out in their numbers for a hen weekend. Nothing spruces up a weekend like a thrilling hen affair at an exciting destination.


A hen weekend is not like the usual get-together party; say like a birthday or graduation because there is so much to it than just partying. It can, therefore, be a real hassle to organize without professional assistance. Good news is, currently there are experts with the exciting programs to make the hen weekend very glamorous.


Hen Weekend Ideas


  • Renting Comfortable Establishments – Even though at times girls wish to cut cost by using one of the friends’ houses for a hen weekend, there is more excitement in rented establishments for a variety of reasons. For one, rented places have all the necessary facilities within the establishment. Secondly, these places are made specifically for the said purpose, limiting chances of irritating neighborhoods when the excitement reaches fever pitch.


  • Delicious Meals – Meals are made according to the wishes of the visitors. All the protagonists can decide on what they wish to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are special orders for people with special needs like vegetarians too. In certain settings, there could even be meals made by the visitors themselves.


  • Hens Dances – The climax of the whole party is dancing. Most establishments offer costumes for the hens and a special one for the bride to be. They also have dancing instructors to teach the hens certain dance moves for just a little fee. One more fact not to forget is that hen weekends abroad can be organized too upon request.


  • Wining and Dining – To complement meals and the dances, there is the wine to think about as well. Party goers can decide on their favorite wine and perhaps a chocolate to boot. Well, the choice of all these goodies depends on the group.


  • Feisty Activities – There are moments when girls must get some moments to themselves to crack silly jokes and giggle out loudly without anyone raising an eye. Well, if this is part of the plan, there can be a unanimous decision on the activities that suit everyone in the group for those exciting hen nights.


  • Outdoor Activities – When the partying has reached its peak, the girls can decide to gulp some fresh air outside but not just doing nothing. There are plenty of outdoor activities to crown a night. All that is needed is an agreement on what best suits all the members. Remember, these outdoor activities can be blended with top stag nights for a more thrilling experience.


  • Photo Sessions – With so many activities to make a weekend special there must be stark reminders of these special days. Make hen weekends memorable by having photo sessions for remembrance.  Find out more at


With so many activities for hen weekends, one can be spoilt for choice on the perfect destination. Good news though; there is professional assistance just a button away. See more at Infinity Weekends

Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell
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