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How Digital Signage Helps Content Marketing

The future is now—this comes to your mind when you walk around a busy urban area during the night. Glaring ads in kiosks may overwhelm you, but they separate the past and the future. An old building in Australia with Gothic columns instantly gets in the now with a digital sign, but take it away and it’s old again. If you’re looking for signwriters Perth has these days, read on to know how they could affect your business:

Content marketing has been around for quite some time, but then companies got overwhelmed by sales increase—and it showed on the ads. The selling tone dominated the market for a while, but it got old real quick. It’s more than evident today where people can dismiss an ad with just one click.

As a solution, brands needed to offer something good and useful if they want the people’s trust back. The primary aim of businesses today is to build a long term customer-producer relationship with the buyers. That’s why content marketing is back on track and digital signage is one of the best platforms to put valuable content out there.

A little background

Signage has been around for a long time since the golden age of content marketing. Prior to digital signage, analog video signs and flat-panel displays dominated the streets of cities during the 80s to 90s. However, the computer-controlled digital signage changed the game.

Of all the markets, retail has been the one to reap the most Returns of Investments. This is because as prices of media players decrease, the positive impact of digital signage on sales is also skyrocketing.

Today, digital signage is continuing to widen the reach of retail to its customers. Retails have used media players as the ultimate dynamic tools for displaying quality content.

How does digital signage help content marketing?

Content marketing is primarily about the clients, so content will also bend to the pulse of the masses.

Digital signage is a dynamic tool for marketing since it’s controlled by a content management system that allows brands to modify their content anytime. The signwriters Perth has these days, for example, can display directions or latest coffee prices.

Digital signage is a canvas for anything the masses want to know about. People are hungry for information they can make use of and brands are willing to satisfy this. Hence, the rise of content marketing can now be seen all over, thanks to digital signage.

Now, content can be seen on every digital kiosk, magazine, and articles—where it is satisfying the buyers’ hunger for quality, informative content while giving the brands a chance to get known.

It’s win-win situation, making everybody happy.

What does digital signage tell customers?

With its flexibility as a platform, it’s no wonder how it gave the content marketing industry an unbeatable advantage. Digital signage can be seen on different platforms—sensors, touch-screens, and kiosks. Putting content in an interactive platform shows intimacy, an effort to reach them.

To customers, this implies familiarity, not deceit. In fact, customers have been found to like brands that have attractive and well-thought signage.

For example, building sign writers in Perth can design purposeful wayfinding signs and meaningful window graphic designs instead of just displaying company logos. Wayfinding signage is aimed to help new customers find their way around a store. A digital sign company design Perth has nowadays can also make an outdoor digital entry statement.

If you’re a small business owner in Perth, the signwriters Perth has these days can’t only cater to your signage needs, they also refer to your taste for a personal touch in your signage. A particular example is a sign company Perth for LED signs like Kingman Visual makes wayfinding signage and digital screen menus for restaurants. Check for more information.

Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell
Zane Cassell is a blogger and artist.