Pointers in Choosing a Commercial Van to Buy

Commercial vans could be truly advantageous to any business that needs it. Of course, you would love to have one or few as your own as well. This can help you a lot in many ways to serve your customers, and you can also use it for your own personal purposes.

Buying a Commercial Van for Your Business

Although you know you need a commercial van that you can use for your business in Brisbane, it could be confusing to choose the best product. After all, there are tons of brands and models of a van for sale Brisbane dealerships offer.

Thus, you should know how to start your search. This can help you have a good purchase, and help you avoid regrets afterward.

Look for a Dealer that You Can Trust

The first thing you should find is not the van, but a reliable dealer where you can buy one. For instance, if you want an LDV, you should find a reputable LDV dealership. Make sure the dealer can provide you quality vans, regardless of it being brand new or second hand. The vehicles should have enough legal documents as well, like clean title and insurance coverage.

Find a Commercial Van You Are Comfortable Driving

After finding a reliable dealer, you can then search through the collection of commercial vans they have. Make sure to choose one that you are comfortable driving. Consider the gear, if you’d prefer an automatic or manual transmission. Some other features like the comfortability of a van’s interior and its safety feature are also important. Take a look at Brisbane City LDV

Think of the Carrying Capacity of a Commercial Van

Since you will be using it for commercial purposes, you should find one that could serve your business. If you have to transport multiple furniture products at once, for example, a larger van would be great. Also, make sure that it could handle the weight of the load to avoid overloading. However, LDV small van would do if you do not need to transport big and heavy loads.

Make Sure of Buying a Vehicle in Good Condition, Of Course

It doesn’t take a genius to know why. So, feel free to check one that you are eyeing from its exterior and interior to its small parts. The last thing you need is frequent visits to the mechanic just a few months after your purchase. Buying lots of replacement parts is clearly a huge expense. Needless to say, the condition of any vehicle could largely affect its performance. read more


Important Things to Know Regarding a Mitsubishi Brisbane Service

Do you own a Mitsubishi? Especially when you have just bought a new unit, you should know that giving it proper Mitsubishi Brisbane service is essential to keep it in top condition and ensure it lasts long. Here are important things that you should know about servicing your car:

mitsubishi brisbane service

Servicing Schedules

From oil change to tyre service Brisbane has, regular maintenance is vital to your vehicle. Before you drive a new vehicle from a dealer’s lot, you will find out that the staff will advise you to return to them at a certain time to perform some servicing for your unit under warranty. Depending on the model you have bought, the schedules would differ.

For example, if you have bought a Triton, an SUV (such as the Pajero or the Pajero Sport), or an Outlander, the recommended schedules would be the 15,000-kilometre mark, 12 months, or whichever occurs first.

To know the frequency you need to take your car to an authorised Mitsubishi service centre, read its manual. You can also check the warranty booklet to know when these services are due.

Failure to Comply with a Scheduled Service

Remember that prolonging the time intervals of servicing your car, or failing to take it to the centre entirely, will lead to some unfavourable situations. Aside from it causes your car’s components (especially those that need lubrication or some type of protection) to deteriorate prematurely, you will also risk voiding its warranty.

Using Parts That Are Not Approved by the Manufacturer

Typically, the dealership would only recommend genuine parts to be used on your vehicle. In case your unit experiences problems due to using counterfeit components or lubricants and other fluids that are not approved by Mitsubishi, your warranty may get void.


Typically, you should give your Mitsubishi a Mitsubishi Brisbane service that is authorised by the deal to maintain its warranty. By the time the dealer finds out that your car has been serviced by a non-approved centre, they would no longer service your car for free. To know exactly what would void warranty, speak to your dealer as you take your unit from the lot. read more


Service Vs. Tune-Up: What Does Your Car Need?

We know, it can be confusing. So, your car reached its mileage limit. Now, you’re confused if you should get a Mitshibishi Beaudesert service or tune-up.

As a car owner, you should know when to get either of the two. You don’t want to spend for the inappropriate procedure, do you? So, hold back before you contact your trusted Mitshibishi Beaudesert service provider. Continue reading to know more, before anything else:

Tune-Up vs. Service

First, let’s clear up the differences. Procedures like a Mitshibishi Beaudesert service is a series of fine-tuning processes done during a scheduled date. It’s also good to note that completing the series will add resale value to your vehicle. Tune-ups are parts of the service process. It doesn’t necessarily fix a problem but it’s crucial to keeping a used car healthy. It’s also only applicable to a few of the car’s components.

When to Get a Service or Tune-Up


If your Hyundai vehicle reaches 12,000 miles, it must receive a full Beaudesert Hyundai service. For most modern cars, an onboard device will display the service due date.

It’s important to follow this date for your safety and your car’s optimal performance. Also, if your car is starting to show some “symptoms”, then you should also send it to a Beaudesert mechanic.

What are these symptoms? More on these later.


Now, how do you determine you only need a tune-up? Don’t confuse a tune-up with a full service. Tune-ups are only meant to fine-tune a car’s components. For instance, your car only needs a tune-up if parts like spark plugs, plug wires, or air filters need replacements. Check it out at Scenic Motors

Symptoms and Service Procedures

Meanwhile, if your car shows the following symptoms, then it must have these service procedures:

1. Oil and filters need replacing

Your car must receive the essential car care from any mechanic or service shop.

2. Unusual vibration of the steering wheel

This is a balance issue. Your car needs a tyre alignment service. read more


Driving with Little Ones: 7 Safety Tips for Parents

Autos such as the Kia Carnival used cars Brisbane dealers promote wins when it comes to safety. However, you shouldn’t be complacent although you’re driving a car like that. Nowadays, it still benefits to recognize safety standards, particularly when driving with your little ones.

If ever you’re a working parent, these are the security pointers you should understand:

Store and secure your stuff.

Although your children have their seatbelts on, the bags can still drop onto them. This is the reason why you ought to get cars, for example, the Kia Carnival used cars Brisbane dealers offer, along with a large cargo area for instruments or baggage. With that, you won’t need to pile your things in the passenger area or on the rear area. Still, if there’s no more space for all your things, you can secure them using cargo anchors.

Buy top quality car seats.

Assuming that you have children, safety seats shouldn’t be an option. You need to purchase one as soon as you get to drive your car. For instance, if you’re considering Kia Carnival used cars Brisbane dealerships are offering, you’ll be happy to know that it has a narrow centre position that is definitely suited for little ones.

Check out the car seat guidebook.

Don’t just get a child seat and strap your child to it. Read through the guidebook to understand how it operates. The manual ought to also show the proper position and some other abilities the car seat can do. Don’t depend on your intuitiveness on this matter. Check it out at Toowong Kia

Don’t leave children without any adults around.

This is quite obvious. Still, some mothers and fathers continue to be too unmindful. Since when did leaving toddlers in a car became a sound habit? To begin with, there’s a higher danger of them getting hyperthermia. Then, they could also play around the brakes and steering wheel.

Follow child seat regulations.

Did you know there are laws relating to the use of car seats? You must understand and abide by those, considering that improperly secured car seats trigger serious injuries and even deaths. In Australia, the law prohibits every kid under 7-years-old to take a trip in a car without a child seat. The safety seat has to likewise pass Australian standards. read more