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The wedding day is the most special day in the life of both the bride and the groom. With so much going on around you on your wedding day and your own feelings of excitement and nervousness occupying your mind, the day passes in a blur. Browsing through the wedding photographs helps you to relive those special moments. Hiring professional photographers has been a common trend for a long time. Nowadays, wedding photography packages offer professional and quality photography options at very competitive prices.

The evolution of wedding photography

The trend of wedding photography began since the invention of photography in 1826. Digital cameras have taken the place of bulky cameras which used negative films that had to be developed in a dark room later and black and white photographs have been replaced by colour photographs. Modern technology has made it possible for the photographers to shoot in any climate and circumstance as the photos can be immediately edited and enhanced to give it customised effects. The wedding photography packages provide lucrative deals to the couple to capture their special moments in style.

Styles in wedding photography

There are numerous styles available to capture your special day but the first thing you need to decide is whether you want digital photography or film photography. Digital photography saves a lot of time as the photos captured need very little editing and you can get them in a few days after your wedding. Also, with digital photography, the problem of proper lighting and angles is solved as the camera does all the adjusting to give you best results. However, the film photography is a classic for a reason – the organic quality and brightness of the colours give the photographs a clean and raw look. It captures the moment as it is – no tweaking is needed. You can go for the classic style of the old times – formal portraits and simple moments captured naturally.

The photojournalistic style also known as ‘lifestyle’ is the way of setting up scenes to capture the couple in specific settings. The documentary style can be used by couples who want every single moment of their big day eternalised in photographs. Dramatic photography is available for couples who like a unique and Hollywood style wedding where everything gets an extra dose of drama. Photographs can be classic or quirky, candid or posed for, colour or black and white, natural or artistic. You can choose your photographer and photography style by going through the wedding photographer showcase available online on websites like

Wedding photography packages

There are many kinds of packages available depending on the kind of coverage that the couple demands. Wedding photography costs in Brisbane range from around 900$ to 3500$. The packages include selective or complete event coverage depending on the choice of the couple. The simplest package includes coverage of the wedding ceremony, bride and groom’s individual and family portraits and the reception. The premium package comes with a unique and specially stylised photobook which also includes your engagement shots along with a complete coverage of the whole event. There is a range of other packages available.


The wedding photography packages Brisbane photographers offer are very flexible and customer-friendly. They make photography a very affordable and hassle-free process. So, you can strike off another detail on your never-ending list of wedding duties by enlisting the help of professional photographers and their wedding photography packages to eternalise your big day.

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