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5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Party Venue

Organizing an event can be quite frustrating as there will be a lot of decision-making to do. However, choosing a venue for the party is one of the most critical parts of organizing an event. Before you begin your search, you must know the entire budget of the event, the type of event you will be organizing, and the number of attendees. If you do not know where to start, you can ask people where you can hire the best Brisbane party venue. Now that you have an idea how to start, here are 5 things to consider when choosing a party venue:

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1.    Focus on the budget.
As a budget-wise organizer, you must be conscious of the entire budget for the venue to make room for the catering, beverage, and entertainment costs. The function venue hire Brisbane has to offer will depend mostly on the budget you have.

2.    Take note of the services and amenities of the venue.
Aside from choosing a venue that has a beautiful ambiance, you must also take into consideration the services and amenities that they offer. You might want to check the following:

•    Do they have tables and chairs that you can use?
•    Can they cover the catering services?
•    Do they have audio-visual equipment?
•    Do they provide a crew for clean-up and set-up?

It is important that these things are available in the venue so that you won’t have to worry when the event comes. To make sure you are able to make the most out of the best Brisbane party venue has to offer, it is important that you visit them ahead of time. Visit their webpage at Lightspace

3.    Match the ambiance with your theme.
You must pay close attention to the style of the architecture inside the venue. Does it match your event’s theme? If the ambiance does not match with your theme, the more you will have to set aside a budget and time for decorations.  The best Brisbane party venue usually has cool styles and interiors that will match with almost any type of event.

4.    Parking Space.
Since you will be having an event in a different location, it is important that you take into consideration the parking space of the venue. Attendees will most likely bring their own car to the event so it is important that there is a space that they can park their cars. The best Brisbane function venue will most likely have enough parking space to accommodate the attendees. read more

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4 Attributes of an Effective and Talented Events Specialist Company

event hire brisbane

Birthdays, wedding, hen parties—these events come and go but every moment has to be special and showered with effort. With the internet being a saturated source pool of event ideas, the recent years have been a witness to different event planning gimmicks. With that being said, old-style mediocre event management has no place in today’s masses’ detail-oriented eye for events. Click here event hire brisbane

event hire brisbane

Hiring an event specialist company shouldn’t even be questioned. Sure, there are effective DIYs, but the pros’ touch just makes a difference. Event management existed and developed to cater the masses’ need for a streamlined and organized event planning and management. Besides, it saves time and money. What’s more interesting is that event specialists can take your taste and preferences and make something even better out of it.

However, not all companies are true to their word these days. There are many that can deliver quality event planning services, but there’s always one that stands out among the rest. It’s up to you to find out which company that does event hire Brisbane has these days is worth it.

Here are top qualities that you should look for in an event specialist company:

Liked by many

They say it’s better to be loved deeply than to be loved widely. Apparently, that’s not applicable to businesses. In the event planning industry, the word-of-mouth can verify a company’s reputation. The way they do business will leave a mark on clients until it reaches every potential client.

On the other hand, an embarrassing or bad service will also even spread faster than wild fire. To know what company’s name frequently comes up in gossip circles, read forums or discussions from communities near your area in Facebook groups.


Another popular notion is perfection doesn’t exist, but someone or something can strive to be perfect for a person. In the case of event management, where detail-oriented people shine, striving for perfection isn’t rare. It’s even a thrill for them—but what’s really interesting is that they are also flexible. Change of plans in the last minute? No problem, as long as it’s not that entirely damaging and it can make stuff better than what’s been planned. read more

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Wedding Site Tour: How to Do It Right

Before you can decide on a venue for your wedding, experts recommend you take a wedding site tour. This tour will enable you to perform an ocular inspection on various wedding venues in your area. When you do your research, there are a lot of things that you will know about a certain venue. However, there are also a lot of things that you could miss out on. Experts on event hire Brisbane has therefore suggest doing a site tour. It is important to see the site for yourself to determine if it meets your expectations. Before you leave for your scheduled site tour, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. Each function location Brisbane has now is unique. Therefore, you cannot expect that all venues are the same and the only way for you to find out is to be there. All-Inclusive Venues When comparing venues for wedding function Brisbane has, the idea of an all-inclusive venue might put you off at first. But do not be too quick to dismiss them altogether. Experts recommend that you look into all inclusive venues when looking for event hire Brisbane has. They have more to offer in terms of economy of scale. Simply put, they hold a lot of weddings throughout the years and have therefore equipped their venue with all of the amenities that clients would expect from them. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, or a wedding, the venue can accommodate your needs and guarantee that they know how to handle every situation or event that they are asked to host because they have done it multiple times in the past. Limit to 3 Site Visits A site visit should be comprehensive so you can carefully evaluate all aspects about the prospect events venue Brisbane can offer. You have to check the potential location for the ceremony and the reception. With this in mind, you are expected to spend as much time on each site as possible. Experts therefore suggest limiting your site visits to 3 sites at most. If you do more than that, it can overwhelm you to a point that you are making it even more difficult to choose. You should have already done your research prior to going to each venue to make sure that 1 of the 3 will be your pick for a venue for your wedding. If you have hired a wedding planner at this point, you can also bring them with you during site visit. A wedding planner is a professional with an expert knowledge on wedding preparation. You can therefore utilize their knowledge in making professional assessment about each site. You can turn to them for input about what is good or bad about each site. Check out Lightspace. The wedding venue is a crucial component in your entire wedding plan. Hence, you need to get it right because it could make or break the special day. If you are still looking for an event hire Brisbane can offer, go to HTTP://LIGHTSPACE.NET.AU/EVENTS/. They also cater to various events aside from weddings.
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