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Essential Elements to Consider When Picking the Best Wedding Venue

With the wedding date set, the next thing you need to pick is the venue. In Melbourne, there is no shortage of venues to choose from. But you do need to choose one that will make the celebration memorable. So think long and hard about the kind of reception venues Melbourne offers and which one to choose.

Below are some elements to think about before deciding on a wedding event venue:

Estimate Your Guest List and Budget

It is necessary to have an estimate of the number of guests you are expecting. This can be estimated using the number of invitations you have actually sent and who sent back a RSVP. This will likewise help to determine the size and location of a venue to accommodate everyone. The organised budget is also a vital consideration. If you can afford it, book one of the wedding venues Dandenongs has.

Pick Your Wedding Motif

There are different wedding celebration styles, such as formal, subtle, bohemian, or rustic. The motif of your wedding celebration is a large determinant of the place that you desire. There are places that favour a conventional wedding and others are perfectly suited for a modern occasion. Some reception venues Melbourne has today supply tables, chairs, and linens.

Accessibility of Wedding Celebration Venue

You might have a checklist of the function venues Dandenongs has today but are they accessible? What about those Yarra Valley function venues? If accessibility can be a bit of a problem, make sure there are compromises that can be made. For instance, the venue will provide chairs and tables to make up for the difficulty that vendors go through.

Consider Your Wedding Catering Needs

Nowadays, couples want to offer their guests with a specific food selection. Nonetheless, there are some wedding places that don’t allow outside wedding catering. They are limited to the in-house food catering. Take into consideration the menu that these venues supply and also determine if you are comfortable with the menu. If you are not, transfer to a location that has no constraint in having an outside food catering. read more

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5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Party Venue

Organizing an event can be quite frustrating as there will be a lot of decision-making to do. However, choosing a venue for the party is one of the most critical parts of organizing an event. Before you begin your search, you must know the entire budget of the event, the type of event you will be organizing, and the number of attendees. If you do not know where to start, you can ask people where you can hire the best Brisbane party venue. Now that you have an idea how to start, here are 5 things to consider when choosing a party venue:

Image result for brisbane party venue

1.    Focus on the budget.
As a budget-wise organizer, you must be conscious of the entire budget for the venue to make room for the catering, beverage, and entertainment costs. The function venue hire Brisbane has to offer will depend mostly on the budget you have.

2.    Take note of the services and amenities of the venue.
Aside from choosing a venue that has a beautiful ambiance, you must also take into consideration the services and amenities that they offer. You might want to check the following:

•    Do they have tables and chairs that you can use?
•    Can they cover the catering services?
•    Do they have audio-visual equipment?
•    Do they provide a crew for clean-up and set-up?

It is important that these things are available in the venue so that you won’t have to worry when the event comes. To make sure you are able to make the most out of the best Brisbane party venue has to offer, it is important that you visit them ahead of time. Visit their webpage at Lightspace

3.    Match the ambiance with your theme.
You must pay close attention to the style of the architecture inside the venue. Does it match your event’s theme? If the ambiance does not match with your theme, the more you will have to set aside a budget and time for decorations.  The best Brisbane party venue usually has cool styles and interiors that will match with almost any type of event.

4.    Parking Space.
Since you will be having an event in a different location, it is important that you take into consideration the parking space of the venue. Attendees will most likely bring their own car to the event so it is important that there is a space that they can park their cars. The best Brisbane function venue will most likely have enough parking space to accommodate the attendees. read more

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The Unique Requirements for Taking Great Notes in Class: Note Taking Techniques

Note taking strategies are not only used by pupils in class but also suitable for normal day-to-day activities. Good notes are the ones that are well organized. It is important for everybody to recognize the note taking practices in order to have good notes that are readable. It is essential to be an organized person in life so as to be prosperous and note taking is a responsibility that needs a lot of organization. In college, instructors prefer arranged notes on a Rhodia notebook as well as when developing exams, it is important to write in a structured way in order to permit effortless grading. If you’re a student having problems with note taking, listed below are a few reliable approaches to assist you to strengthen your abilities:\

Image result for Rhodia notebook

Levels of Note Taking Strategies

These strategies are also essential when you are documenting oral presentations. You can also use the strategies when documenting from written sources.

1. The first stage of note taking strategies is prep work. The preparation requires developing one’s listening skills and focus. Check if you have the right pen and Rhodia notebook with you so as to be prepared.

2. So as to write correctly especially when you are writing your notes from a discussion, you have to get the points clearly that is why you need to be keen and listen properly.

3. You need to be in good health and at a relaxed position if you want to master the note taking strategies

4. You need enough sleep, good diet, you need to be healthy, be in good physical condition and have the mental health.

5. You can either be creative and use art supplies or use a simple pen and any Clairefontaine Notebook available in school supplies shops like Notedian in your locality. Click here Notedian

The Unique Requirements for Taking Great Notes in Class

Being systematic and picky is essential when it pertains to note taking strategies.

Not all information matters. There are some that you may do away with. You have to skim the content before taking any notes that are relevant if you are writing a book or any other written source. read more

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4 Attributes of an Effective and Talented Events Specialist Company

event hire brisbane

Birthdays, wedding, hen parties—these events come and go but every moment has to be special and showered with effort. With the internet being a saturated source pool of event ideas, the recent years have been a witness to different event planning gimmicks. With that being said, old-style mediocre event management has no place in today’s masses’ detail-oriented eye for events. Click here event hire brisbane

event hire brisbane

Hiring an event specialist company shouldn’t even be questioned. Sure, there are effective DIYs, but the pros’ touch just makes a difference. Event management existed and developed to cater the masses’ need for a streamlined and organized event planning and management. Besides, it saves time and money. What’s more interesting is that event specialists can take your taste and preferences and make something even better out of it.

However, not all companies are true to their word these days. There are many that can deliver quality event planning services, but there’s always one that stands out among the rest. It’s up to you to find out which company that does event hire Brisbane has these days is worth it.

Here are top qualities that you should look for in an event specialist company:

Liked by many

They say it’s better to be loved deeply than to be loved widely. Apparently, that’s not applicable to businesses. In the event planning industry, the word-of-mouth can verify a company’s reputation. The way they do business will leave a mark on clients until it reaches every potential client.

On the other hand, an embarrassing or bad service will also even spread faster than wild fire. To know what company’s name frequently comes up in gossip circles, read forums or discussions from communities near your area in Facebook groups.


Another popular notion is perfection doesn’t exist, but someone or something can strive to be perfect for a person. In the case of event management, where detail-oriented people shine, striving for perfection isn’t rare. It’s even a thrill for them—but what’s really interesting is that they are also flexible. Change of plans in the last minute? No problem, as long as it’s not that entirely damaging and it can make stuff better than what’s been planned. read more

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Spice Up Your Child’s Party with Mechanical Bulls

Riding a live bull is a fantastic experience, mainly reserved for cowboys and adults. It is a popular event in many cultures of the world, and some countries may even use it as one of its tourist activities. However, did you know that you’re young son or daughter can also get a thrilling bull riding experience? This is possible through a mechanical bucking bull, usually hired from reliable suppliers.

mechanical bucking bull

Depend on a reliable operator

With an experienced operator, your child can have a great ride on a mechanical bucking bull. Usually, the bulls come with adjustable controls, which an inexperienced lad may not know how to handle. The skills of the operator will determine how joyful the ride will be for your child. The operator should have adequate training, focusing on the safety of the ride and the type of event taking place. A trained operator will ensure that each participant gets an incredible ride. At the same time, the operator can maintain a steady traffic of participants yearning for a ride.

If you are considering hiring a mechanical bucking bull, here are some factors to keep in mind:

A trained attendant: As mentioned above, any mechanical equipment should come with a trained and experienced attendant to control it. For example, mechanical bulls come with a safety switch, which shuts off the bull immediately in case a rider slips off. For that reason, hydraulic bulls are less preferred because they cannot stop on demand. This may lead to injuries when a rider falls off from the moving bull.

Ensure you have an inflatable mat ready: this is the best shock absorber when a rider falls off moving mechanical equipment. When you are hiring, ensure that the bull comes with the mat.

Ensure the provider is fully insured: if you hire for a party event, you should make the most out of it. Usually, it is advisable to allow one ride for each person so everyone can have the chance to ride. With a mechanical bull, you can include as many activities as possible on your party. You can always experiment with something different. read more

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Top 4 Ways to Nail the Beach Wedding of your Dreams

Scared to have a predictable wedding? Well, everyone is. To nail that beach wedding, you don’t have to do things perfectly all at once or hire photographers for a costly beach wedding photography. The secret sauce here is to nail each step individually from the planning to documentation.

Image result for beach wedding photography

Your planning philosophy

A planning philosophy helps you to avoid conflicts between you and your partner, or between you and your wedding planner. Sure, a wedding planner is necessary, but you have to be a team to nail this beach wedding.

Figure out your common ground as a couple, and establish a style from that. For example, if you both like pop culture or recycling, you can build your theme on that. Knowing this prevents you from getting suffocated by wedding ideas.

With that type of philosophy in decision-making, you can also apply it when attending to other details in your wedding. You must agree if you are either hiring a team that can arrange everything or experts from specific wedding fields.

Fashion – Don’t complicate it

A style is yours to take, but an exaggerated and out-of-place wedding fashion could make you and everyone feel uncomfortable. From your engagement to your wedding, don’t complicate fashion by synchronizing every detail with the theme.

Here’s a tip on making a fashion theme: consider a beach wedding photography during your engagement, editorial style. Request for your engagement photographer to take advantage of the natural background and lighting. From that, you can build inspiration for your wedding’s fashion theme. Be inspired by the natural materials in your venue like sandstone walls or rocky shores. Aisle Society Australia has a lot of real seaside-themed wedding photo shoots you can scan for inspiration.

Also, avoid cliché. A beach wedding is often associated with offbeat white, airy, and light fabric and materials. Give it a twist by exploring other pastel colors like peach and textures like lace and glitter.

Beauty – Keep it dreamy but simple read more

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How to Effectively Photograph On Your Trips to the Beach?

Heading to the beach soon? Beach trip or excursions are a common choice for a family event, corporate outing or solo vacation venue. There are many beaches all over the world and most of them are developed into resorts or summer destination venues for local and international clients. In Australia cities like Sydney for instance, people like to flock nearby beaches such as Manly Beach. If you were taking a vacation in Manly beach you would want to properly document your trip right? The most common choice is to take as many Manly beach photos as possible.

Image result for manly beach photos

Here are some tips on how to best photograph your beach trip even if you’re an amateur photographer:

  • Get acquainted with your camera – While professional photographers prefer to use premium cameras, they often say that anyone can take good photo shots if they know how to properly use the tools they have. So whether you’re using a top of the line camera model or making do with a smartphone in taking beach photos in Manly beach or its nearby areas, make sure you know its specifications and features in order for you to get the best photos possible.
  • Take wide, scenic shots – The beach is a great venue for photo shoots because of the many scenic angles it can provide. In taking Manly beach photos aim to shoot the vast expanse of the open waters, sunrise or sunset views, and the sea shore. You can take shots in different time periods to get different versions or treatment of any particular place. Click here Jason James
  • Capture candid moments – Aside from the natural view you can also take advantage of the different moods that the beach can elicit from travelers and vacationers. Your Manly beach photos may be shots of your beach companions or perhaps the strangers you have met which have eventually become your friends. You may also take pictures of the special events or activities held at the beach. The more candid and raw the shots are, the better.
  • Include yourself in the photos – Using a tripod or a similar tool, take pictures of yourself on the beach enjoying different activities. If you want you may also hire a professional photographer to go with you so he can document your trip in photos. Professional photographers can expertly capture precious moments on camera and then turn them into great artworks by printing the images and placing them in frames. When looking for a professional photographer to take your beach photos Manly beach version, try to look at his previous works first to see if he can take great scenic shots.
  • Remember to have fun – In order for you to get the best beach photos in Manly, make sure to have fun while taking them! Don’t be too worried about not being able to perfect the shots. Dare to experiment with the kinds of shots that you can take. Who knows? You may even discover your signature style!
  • read more

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    Successful Student Skills You Need to Know: Strategies for Good Note Taking

    Rhodia notebooksGood notes are the ones that are well organized. It is important for everyone to know the note taking strategies in order to have good notes that are readable. Note taking strategies are not only applied by students in class but also applicable in normal day-to-day activities. It is important to be an organized person in life in order to be successful and note taking is an area that needs a lot of organization. In school, teachers love organized notes on a Rhodia notebook and even when writing exams it is important to write in an organized way in order to allow easy marking.

    If you’re a student having trouble with note taking, listed below are some effective strategies to help you improve your skills:

    Determine the goal of your note taking task

    Note taking strategies are ideally taught in schools. Students normally use any Rhodia notebook or fountain pen friendly notebook for taking notes about their teacher’s lectures. At times, note taking needs to be done for reviewing for exams. When you can determine your own goal and reasons for taking down notes, then you can know which process to go with. Effective note taking on any Rhodia notebook is either learned with experience or taught by teachers. You will also find notes online explaining the note taking strategies. If you want to improve your grades in school, it is very important to learn proper note taking strategies.

    Stages of Note Taking Strategies

    These strategies are also very important when you are recording oral presentations. You can also use the strategies when recording from written sources.

    1. The first stage of note taking strategies is preparation. The preparation involves improving one’s listening skills and attention.
    2. In order to write properly especially when you are writing your notes from a presentation, you have to get the points clearly that is why you need to be keen and listen properly.
    3. You have to be in good health and at a comfortable position if you want to master the note taking strategies.
    4. You need adequate sleep, good diet, you need to be fit, be in good physical condition and have the mental health.
    5. You can either be creative and use Rhodia or Stabilo art supplies or use a plain pen and any Rhodia notebook available in school supplies stores such as Notedian in your locality.

    The Personal Requirements for Taking Great Notes in Class

    You need to be motivated in order to master the strategy of note taking.

    You need to be focused and set specific goals. Also, concentrate on the positive aspects of a particular course. You have to picture yourself being successful and as you write, ensure that the information you are putting down is relevant to you and makes sense.

    Don’t write everything. read more

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    5 Reasons to Use Marquee Hire for Your Next Event

    Are you planning your next corporate event? If yes, you might want to consider tapping a marquee hire in Sydney. A marquee can indeed be used on a wide range of other events aside from weddings. For corporate events, however, a marquee is designed more than just for functional reasons. You can also utilize your stretch tent to be able to reinforce your branding and marketing efforts. You can use a marquee to gather people around in an outdoor setting while ensuring that they are protected from the elements. Therefore, there is an intimate feel to an event held inside a tent. The right marquee hire in Sydney can help with setting up your tent and creating the party you had envisioned. Below are five reasons that will convince you to set up a marquee for your next event: 1. Unique look and ambiance: The unique look that a tent creates for your event venue is what has resulted in the popularity of marquees for weddings. Indeed, a stretch tent offers a romantic and intimate feel at the wedding reception. The same can be said when using marquees for a corporate event. It becomes easier to decorate the venue based on your desired theme as it opens up a wide range of designing options to suit your liking. You can also choose from different tent sizes to accommodate the number of people you expect to attend the event. 2. The ability to customize all details of the event: In connection with the point above, the venue does not limit your decorating options at the event. Instead, it opens up ore possibilities so you can design it however you like. There are also different shapes and sizes of tents to choose from in a marquee hire company. You can fully customize your tents according to what you want to achieve for the event. 3. Reinforce branding effort: When you buy or rent a marquee for a corporate event, you can customize it to convey the message of your brand. This is a good investment for brands, small or big alike, to promote the event and their brand at the same time. You can have your brand logo or name sewed into the tent, if you want. Make sure you speak to your marquee hire company about these options.   4. Protection from the elements: If you’ve always wanted to hold a party at an outdoor venue, a stretch tent is one way to keep the party going without fear of the weather intervening. Whether it is rain, wind or something else, you can keep your guests comfortable all throughout the party. 5. Affordable: This is the single most compelling reason to hire a marquee for your next corporate event. You can save a great deal of money organizing the event without compromising on the wow factor. Whether you are planning for a corporate event or wedding, a marquee hire in Sydney can make planning easier and more efficient. If you’ve always wanted to hold a party at an outdoor setting, a marquee is the perfect solution for that. For more information, you can visit to start planning your party now!
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    Parenting 101: Selecting the Best Toys and Playthings for your Infant/Toddler

    Children play because it helps them to make sense of the world around them. Researchers have also found that it does not matter where in the world children are, they still play in similar ways. But play does develop differently in different cultures as children begin to understand values and the rules of particular societies. So, play will change as a baby’s society changes. For infants and toddlers, playthings like Little Tikes toys will be marketable internationally, however, they can be influenced by their playmates on how they execute their playtime.

    There’s a lot to be said about getting to know your baby and understanding what makes them laugh. It’s also sometimes interesting to observe a baby boy and a baby girl playing with toys. There might be a little gender bias mixed during the selection, but the bottom line is always to have fun. Sometimes girls observe more than boys and boys rush in to investigate something new. When you buy DJI Mavic Pro Australia toy stores sell today, it might seem more appealing to boys than girls. But all are different when it comes to baby toy preferences. These early years can be daunting as you will be providing an environment that will help shape your little girl or boy in the future. Babies do not need to be lavished with so many toys that you cannot walk into your sitting room. Whether you plan to buy Little Tikes toys or to buy DJI Mavic Pro Australia toy stores sell, what matters is giving the interaction they need with you. Choosing baby toys that will provide them with challenge, fun, and interaction with you is key.

    Five Steps to Choosing the Perfect Baby Toy

    Possibly what has advanced more is the way the knowledge of how babies learn has been shared to a greater extent between manufacturers like Little Tikes toys and parents. There are a number of toy brands available today that have turned to psychologists to help develop better toys for children. So how do you as mummy or daddy or perhaps a friend or a member of the family choose the perfect toy? read more

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    Handy Pointers in Recording Your Baby’s First Year

    Congratulations on having a baby! Parenting is no easy feat, but the rewards are truly fulfilling. You’re in for a roller coaster ride as you try to raise a baby in the ideal way possible. There will be a lot of highs and lows in your journey towards becoming the best parent you can be, especially during your baby’s first year so make sure to document your baby’s milestones starting from birth until his or her first year. If you try and search for any baby-themed website you can see many pictures of babies or toddlers either prepped up for an official pictorial or photographed in candid ways. It’s one of the most common ways parents record their baby’s milestones. Here are some tips on effectively documenting your baby’s first year:


  • Get an imprint of your baby’s hands and feet – Take an imprint of his or her hands and feet every month. You could make a collage of the imprints and have them framed before your baby’s first birthday. This is a simple yet tangible way of reminding you how much your baby grows each month.
  • Take a picture of your baby at least once a month – Think of a pictorial concept or theme for your baby and take his or her pictures every month starting from the first month until the first year. For example, you can dress your baby girl up as a flower every month and photograph her wearing different flower-themed outfits. Or you can buy a dozen baby headbands, embroider them with the words “first” to “twelfth,” and have them worn by your baby as you photograph her every month until she turns a year old. Be as creative as possible!
  • Create milestones together and document them – Why not set a fitness goal for yourself and document both yours and your baby’s progress? For example, set a weight loss goal for yourself and then take a picture of you and your baby each month to show your individual health progress. You may even spice things up a bit by wearing special outfits, like baby props hats for your baby and workout clothes for yourself. For costume ideas for your little one, check out a baby apparel or baby merchandise website.
  • Collect videos of your precious moments – There are bonding moments between parents and babies that are best documented through videos instead of photos, like the first time your baby says “Mommy” or “Daddy,” or the first time your baby smiles and laughs. Always have your video camera with you so you can capture as many of these moments as you could.
  • read more

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    Wedding Site Tour: How to Do It Right

    Before you can decide on a venue for your wedding, experts recommend you take a wedding site tour. This tour will enable you to perform an ocular inspection on various wedding venues in your area. When you do your research, there are a lot of things that you will know about a certain venue. However, there are also a lot of things that you could miss out on. Experts on event hire Brisbane has therefore suggest doing a site tour. It is important to see the site for yourself to determine if it meets your expectations. Before you leave for your scheduled site tour, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. Each function location Brisbane has now is unique. Therefore, you cannot expect that all venues are the same and the only way for you to find out is to be there. All-Inclusive Venues When comparing venues for wedding function Brisbane has, the idea of an all-inclusive venue might put you off at first. But do not be too quick to dismiss them altogether. Experts recommend that you look into all inclusive venues when looking for event hire Brisbane has. They have more to offer in terms of economy of scale. Simply put, they hold a lot of weddings throughout the years and have therefore equipped their venue with all of the amenities that clients would expect from them. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, or a wedding, the venue can accommodate your needs and guarantee that they know how to handle every situation or event that they are asked to host because they have done it multiple times in the past. Limit to 3 Site Visits A site visit should be comprehensive so you can carefully evaluate all aspects about the prospect events venue Brisbane can offer. You have to check the potential location for the ceremony and the reception. With this in mind, you are expected to spend as much time on each site as possible. Experts therefore suggest limiting your site visits to 3 sites at most. If you do more than that, it can overwhelm you to a point that you are making it even more difficult to choose. You should have already done your research prior to going to each venue to make sure that 1 of the 3 will be your pick for a venue for your wedding. If you have hired a wedding planner at this point, you can also bring them with you during site visit. A wedding planner is a professional with an expert knowledge on wedding preparation. You can therefore utilize their knowledge in making professional assessment about each site. You can turn to them for input about what is good or bad about each site. Check out Lightspace. The wedding venue is a crucial component in your entire wedding plan. Hence, you need to get it right because it could make or break the special day. If you are still looking for an event hire Brisbane can offer, go to HTTP://LIGHTSPACE.NET.AU/EVENTS/. They also cater to various events aside from weddings.
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    Melbourne Jazzed Up: What the Jazz Scene Here Looks Like

    If you are looking for good music, then the Melbourne jazz scene may be your ticket to music heaven. The competition to be the best Melbourne jazz trio is strong as several groups vie for the top honor. You have groups like Mad Men, The Sunday Groove and the Olsen Trio playing their best in hopes of achieving the label as the best jazz trio in Melbourne.

    melbourne jazz trio

    Jazz Festival

    Home to Australia’s best jazz festival, Melbourne offers up great music over ten days of festivities. If you want to listen to the best jazz trio Melbourne has to offer, then the festival is the place for you to be. Over the years Melbourne has developed its jazz scene, making it a vital part of the whole music package that the city possesses. It is not hard to find jazz trio in Melbourne for they are playing at the best venues in town including the annual Melbourne jazz festival.

    Some of those venues include the Arts Centre, The Malthouse and Footscray. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the city, the city center, the west side or other locations, there will be a jazz concert playing somewhere. Some of the best jazz clubs in Melbourne are Bennett’s Lane, Uptown Jazz café and the Paris cat. These locations make your finding great jazz music easy to find. Melbourne has done a fine job in developing its music scene, especially the jazz sector.

    Selecting the Best

    To find the best Melbourne jazz trio you only have to look as far as Blue Planet Entertainment who manages a host of jazz bands from singles to trios. This organization has the best jazz bands in the country under contract. The company scours the country to find the best acts to bring to Melbourne. It is no wonder you contact that company to find the best jazz trio Melbourne has to offer.

    It may be awhile before you find and select the best Melbourne jazz trio. There are a lot of bands to listen to and many venues to visit before you hear enough groups to make your selection. Most of the groups are top quality musicians who perform at over 100% all the time making any decision on who is the best jazz trio quite tough. read more

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    The Right Writing Tools: Features to Consider When Buying Fountain Pens

    Since fountain pens were introduced into the market, fountain pens have maintained their allure. Word processors and ballpoint pens have made their way into the industry but fountain pens for sale continue to be a hit. If you are planning to buy fountain pen ink online or locally, you need to read this guide. You will learn more about the specific features you must look for during the buying process.

    fountain pens for sale

    Nib Type

    The nib type is a common feature of a fountain pen that buyers look into. This is a distinguishable feature of a fountain pen from other types of pen. But it serves a more important role beyond aesthetic – the nib will determine how the pen will write. The first thing you need to look into is the size of the nib. A broad or extra fine nib will impact the writing style accordingly. When buying a fountain pen, the classification of the nib type is extra-fine, fine, medium and broad.

    Next to the size of the nib is the shape of the nib tip. There are two options available to choose from: round and shaped. A round nib means that the lines created when you write with this pen is same all throughout. Meanwhile, shaped nibs vary in terms of width depending on the direction of the stroke. For those who are buying a fountain pen for the first time, a fountain pen with round tip is recommended.

    Ink Filling System

    Fountain pens use ink but they vary in terms of the filling system that is utilized. When shopping based on the ink filling system, it will be based on convenience when you need to re-fill. Most fountain pens use an ink cartridge. Meanwhile, there are also those that use a converter or an eye dropper.


    When you think about fountain pens for sale, you might have an idea of what it is like in your head. But the truth is, there are different sizes and shapes of fountain pens in the market. The design of the body does not have a direct impact on how the pen writes; however, it impacts how you handle and use it.

    When checking the design of a fountain pen, the first thing you must do is check the size. The ideal size of the fountain pen should be matched according to the size of your hand. You would not want to use a pen that is too small as it can lead to cramping and fatigue. Aside from size, you should also consider the weight of the fountain pen. This one is based on personal preference since some like their pens nimble and others want a reassuring heft. read more

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    Fantastic Tips to Make Your Time in a Nightclub Enjoyable

    Most people find it very enjoyable to visit nightclubs on the weekend after a busy week. Some people go clubbing with different intentions such as to look for a date, to socialize, to relax, to drink or to dance. Trust me; all these plans might turn into a nightmare if you do not prepare well for the occasion. Going to a nightclub is an expensive endeavor; therefore, it requires planning and budgeting.  You need to go to a nightclub that befits your social status. Most of the Nightclubs in Melbourne CBD are relatively cheap, and they are usually the best choice for many people, particularly the youngsters and the students.  Here are some fantastic tips that would ensure that you enjoy your time in a nightclub.

    Ensure that you are dressed up for the occasion

    Experts posit that if you feel comfortable with your dress code, you become more confident and relaxed. Such kind of relaxation helps you to have more fun on the dance floor. On the other hand, if you are male, you have more confidence to approach a girl in the club. However, if you are a female and visit any of the nightclubs Melbourne CBD has today to relax, avoid clothes that are too short or tight because you might end up being mistaken for a hooker by other revelers.

    Never go to a nightclub alone

    Even if you have very high chances of meeting new friends in a nightclub, it is always advisable to go with a friend or two. When you have a friend around you, the less self- conscious you become. You do not have to keep on checking on who is looking at you. Such kind of distractions robs you the time to enjoy time in a club. Strangers frequent most of the Melbourne CBD nightclubs, and you cannot go on befriending anybody. Some might be at the club with other intentions. I am sure you have ever heard of kidnappings and rape cases that take place when a person goes night clubbing alone.

    Do not get involved in fights

    It is a common scenario to see fights elapsing in nightclubs. They are usually caused by petty reasons such as a stranger dancing with your girlfriend or spilling your drink.  If you find yourself in this situation, look for a way to resolve the issues in a peaceful manner. Most of the nightclubs in Melbourne CBD have employed qualified individuals to deal with chaos. It is advisable to seek their intervention because that is why they are there. read more

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    Eternalise your special day through photographs

    wedding photography packages

    The wedding day is the most special day in the life of both the bride and the groom. With so much going on around you on your wedding day and your own feelings of excitement and nervousness occupying your mind, the day passes in a blur. Browsing through the wedding photographs helps you to relive those special moments. Hiring professional photographers has been a common trend for a long time. Nowadays, wedding photography packages offer professional and quality photography options at very competitive prices.

    The evolution of wedding photography

    The trend of wedding photography began since the invention of photography in 1826. Digital cameras have taken the place of bulky cameras which used negative films that had to be developed in a dark room later and black and white photographs have been replaced by colour photographs. Modern technology has made it possible for the photographers to shoot in any climate and circumstance as the photos can be immediately edited and enhanced to give it customised effects. The wedding photography packages provide lucrative deals to the couple to capture their special moments in style.

    Styles in wedding photography

    There are numerous styles available to capture your special day but the first thing you need to decide is whether you want digital photography or film photography. Digital photography saves a lot of time as the photos captured need very little editing and you can get them in a few days after your wedding. Also, with digital photography, the problem of proper lighting and angles is solved as the camera does all the adjusting to give you best results. However, the film photography is a classic for a reason – the organic quality and brightness of the colours give the photographs a clean and raw look. It captures the moment as it is – no tweaking is needed. You can go for the classic style of the old times – formal portraits and simple moments captured naturally.

    The photojournalistic style also known as ‘lifestyle’ is the way of setting up scenes to capture the couple in specific settings. The documentary style can be used by couples who want every single moment of their big day eternalised in photographs. Dramatic photography is available for couples who like a unique and Hollywood style wedding where everything gets an extra dose of drama. Photographs can be classic or quirky, candid or posed for, colour or black and white, natural or artistic. You can choose your photographer and photography style by going through the wedding photographer showcase available online on websites like read more

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    Your Definitive Guide to the Trusty Fountain Pen

    Do you use the fountain pen for your correspondences? If not, then you should consider using this efficient and elegant writing tool. The Fountain pen is a nib pen that has a container or reservoir inside it which holds the ink. The writing mechanism of a fountain pen relies on combined capillary action and gravity with the ink coming out from the reservoir through the nib and onto a paper. There are many different suppliers of fountain pens across the US, like Not median in Maspeth New York for example. They are available in a lot of offices and school supplies stores. Before you get a fountain pen, or two, let’s first get to know this remarkable scribbling instrument. More information Notedian

    What is the origin of the fountain pen?

    It is said that the earliest use of a pen that resembles the capillary action and gravity principle of a fountain pen was during the Renaissance era, around 14th to the 17th century, by inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It was made available for use in Europe in the 17th century and had been used by different investors and historians until the 19th century. The first patent for the invention of a fountain pen that has a barrel and swan quill was given to Petrache Poenaru on May 27, 1827. Since then the fountain pen was developed and improved by investors from various countries to address concerns like ink leakage and to try innovations like new filling systems, colors, and designs.

    Today there are many different fountain pen types made or distributed by office supplies stores, like Not median in New York. The great thing about the contemporary kinds is that you can personalize them with name engraving. You can also choose from among the various ink colors available. read more

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    Alzar la hospitalidad y la alegría a cualquier fiesta de la celebración al alquilar una casa de la despedida

    Cambiar el ambiente entero de un evento especial no siempre tiene que ser costoso e inconveniente para los anfitriones. Los temas auténticos del partido y los favores del entretenimiento como las casas del salto del alquiler disponibles hoy son amados por la gente de todas las edades. Casas de rebote se consideraron un gasto extravagante, pero ahora que las empresas que se establecen para renta de brincolines de alquiler están disponibles hoy en día, ahora es posible y asequible para aprovechar este paquete por sólo un día o dos.

    Aquí hay algunas razones más por qué alquilar una casa de rebote para el día especial de su hijo es la mejor manera de hacer tanto a su hijo y la cartera feliz:

    • Los momentos divertidos siempre deben ser seguros para los niños. Jugar duro puede hacer que los niños se duelan, y eso es altamente concebible durante las fiestas. Alquilar una casa de rebote no sólo se asegura de que los niños pueden ser supervisados ​​en un área de enfoque, sino que también hace más seguro para ellos jugar de cualquier manera que les gusta ya que la superficie hinchable difícilmente les puede dañar.

    • Hay versatilidad en los temas del partido disponibles con casas de rebote.

    • Es fácil de instalar e instalar las casas de rebote.

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    Hen Weekend Ideas Worth Exploring

    Why Hen Weekends Are a Real Craze

    The weekdays, more so those just preceding a wedding can be very hectic, at times obliterating the fact that technology is here to ease life even a little bit. By the end of the week, most people find themselves yearning for fun during the weekends after stressful days in the course of the week that make working hours appear longer than they actually are. Well, that explains why girls now come out in their numbers for a hen weekend. Nothing spruces up a weekend like a thrilling hen affair at an exciting destination.

    A hen weekend is not like the usual get-together party; say like a birthday or graduation because there is so much to it than just partying. It can, therefore, be a real hassle to organize without professional assistance. Good news is, currently there are experts with the exciting programs to make the hen weekend very glamorous.

    Hen Weekend Ideas

    • Renting Comfortable Establishments – Even though at times girls wish to cut cost by using one of the friends’ houses for a hen weekend, there is more excitement in rented establishments for a variety of reasons. For one, rented places have all the necessary facilities within the establishment. Secondly, these places are made specifically for the said purpose, limiting chances of irritating neighborhoods when the excitement reaches fever pitch.
    • Delicious Meals – Meals are made according to the wishes of the visitors. All the protagonists can decide on what they wish to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are special orders for people with special needs like vegetarians too. In certain settings, there could even be meals made by the visitors themselves.

  • Hens Dances – The climax of the whole party is dancing. Most establishments offer costumes for the hens and a special one for the bride to be. They also have dancing instructors to teach the hens certain dance moves for just a little fee. One more fact not to forget is that hen weekends abroad can be organized too upon request.
  • read more

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    Practicalities to Consider When Planning a Garden Wedding

    When it comes to garden wedding ideas, the options are limitless. It is no wonder why this particular wedding theme is popular because there are plenty of unique and romantic ideas to incorporate into your wedding aisle and reception. It is also the perfect way to showcase your love for the outdoors; you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery and fresh blooms to make your wedding as pretty as can be.

    Choose the Date Wisely

    One of the main reasons for choosing garden wedding ideas for your big day is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting. However, your ability to enjoy that depends on the time of year. Make sure you plan your garden wedding in the spring or early autumn. In the spring time, you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful flowers in bloom to use as wedding ideas garden decoration. In the early autumn, you can also enjoy the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. It is neither too hot nor too cold for your guests to enjoy the ceremony.

    Supplement the Natural Beauty

    One of the reasons why couples looking for cheap garden wedding ideas opt for this venue is in order to take advantage of its natural beauty. However, the flowers in the garden are not enough if you want to make your wedding pretty. You need to supplement the natural beauty of the garden by using fresh blooms to complement your wedding motif and the existing garden flowers. One way to do that is to use a lot of fresh flowers in the ceremony aisle, table décor, and other decorative arrangements to be used in your wedding reception.

    Proper Lighting

    The use of lighting fixtures can make your beautiful garden wedding stand out some more. One example is to use hanging lights and lanterns. You can hang them on the trees within the venue or on the canopy in the reception area. It will help to add a rustic charm to your wedding too.

    Another way to use lighting in a garden wedding is through under-the-table lighting for cocktail tables. In an outdoor setting, the use of lighting can add a whimsical touch. There are several other creative ideas you can use with lighting in an outdoor wedding to make it stand out. read more

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    Rhodia Notebook – A Sophisticated Stationery

    It’s quite interesting that in this digital age, there are some who still feel comfortable with the age old pencil and paper to make ‘to do’ lists like shopping lists. Indeed a research or survey has been conducted and the findings discussed – the crux of the story suggests that while the overall market for day-to-day items like stationery papers is declining, there is a whole new breed of users, particularly of the higher end products out there. These people would buy a Rhodia notebook or other writing instruments which are sophisticated in terms of their design and appearance.

    It could be a Style Statement

    For a majority of the users of stationery of this kind, they do it for a few reasons. One set of people still place faith in the traditional use of products despite the technological advancements and the advent of new devices. The immediate examples can be identified as the ink pens which fascinate a lot of people, even the younger segment of the population. But once you choose to use a pen with ink filled in it, you will also have to go in for a fountain pen friendly notebook. If you visited sites like you will be able to find a huge range of products from which you can choose what you need.

    Students and Artists are also Customers

    A separate range of products is also equally popular, though the user community might be wholly different. Among these, the Stabilo art supplies form a big chunk. These include colouring instruments, highlighters, colour pen sets and so on. The users of these branded products would include students who would have to do a lot of activities as part of their curriculum or as non-curricular assignments. Doting parents can buy some of these products for their tiny tots when they start learning to draw images or colouring books.

    Write Your Memoirs

    Professional writers also use Rhodia notebook to write down their memoirs and also to keep a record of their reminiscences which become precious over the years. Many of these manuscripts may even go on to become printed books. Such is the importance of these notebooks and the writing instruments of the traditional kind and since these are used and patronised by the crème of the society, there are only more people showing their preference for these products. read more

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